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LABAF 25....Dubbed Africa's Largest Culture Picnic
Fables Template
Fables Template


LABAF is CORA’s homage to the written word. But it’s much more than a book market; it’s a festival of the arts with high book content. Since its birth in 1999 at the cusp of Nigeria’s return to democracy after over three decades of military rule, the LABAF has grown to being a yearly ritual for top-notch publishers, adherent book lovers and literary activists, attracting huge patronage from members of the public. The main objective of the LABAF is to call attention to the importance of literacy in our quest for nation building. The festival is the one book event with high children participation. Every year, over 2000 students in Elementary and Secondary schools are hosted in the GREEN FESTIVAL segment of the festival to workshops on paintings, readings, photography; a range of experience and, most crucially, discussions around books. Due to increasing demand from the Green Festival (Elementary and Secondary school students participants) alumni, who had grown into adolescent and often returned to be part of the festival, the CORA YOUTH CREATIVE CLUB was formed in 2018, which curate and produce programme items in all the disciplines of the Arts to help discover the talents and as well hone the skills of the youths. This is organised on the concept of DYOT – Do Your Own Thing, which encourages the young ones to develop sense of self-discovery and self-expression through the instrumentality of the Arts.. The festival commands a huge profile in the traditional and social media.



If all my learnings and training gained through CORA, LABAF and by extension other workshops with the British Council and Goethe Institute could be condensed into structured course units, I would have an additional Master’s degree at the very least, though it would be interesting figuring out what to call such a degree